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Project Management Fundamentals


participants using their mother language to learn is most effective 學員用母語進行學習 效果是最高的


Project Management helps a team define resources, track project progress, identify obstacles and collaborate across the organization. The knowledge applies across common projects and various industries.

Project Management Fundamentals is ideally suited for anyone looking to better manage their work projects, including fresh graduates, existing project team members, people in support and operations roles, even business owners, and those looking to start out in project management.

Participants build up their appropriate skillsets on project management through the introduction of terminology, principles and concepts, project life cycle and other various tools and techniques.



項目管理基本技巧 非常適合希望改善項目管理的人,包括畢業生,現有項目團隊成員,運營人員,以至企業管理層。


Objectives and Benefits

  • Acquire project management knowledge and skills

  • Become an efficient project team player

  • Assist project managers to define scope and requirements

  • Proper estimation of tasks to ensure effective planning and control

  • Familiarise with basic project management tools and techniques

  • Be able to define and manage risks

  • Learn to manage your projects more effectively


  • 獲得項目管理知識和技能

  • 成為一名高效的項目團隊成員

  • 協助項目經理定義範圍和要求

  • 正確估算任務以確保有效的規劃和控制

  • 熟悉基本的項目管理工具和技術

  • 能夠定義和管理風險

  • 學習如何更有效地管理您的項目

Key Features

  • 14-hours instructor-led training (Qualify for 14 PDUs)

  • In 2 full-days or 4 evening sessions.

  • Course delivered by qualified instructor

  • Course material in digital format

  • Sample PM templates


  • 14小時講師指導培訓(14個PDU的資格)

  • 兩天全日或4個晚上

  • 課程由合格的講師提供

  • 數字格式的課程材料

  • 樣本PM模板

Well Suited for

People who will benefit most from the program includes:

  • Project Managers

  • Coordinators

  • Account Executives

  • Business Managers

  • Developers

  • Operation Support

  • UX/UI Designers

  • Business Owners

  • Other functional team members



  • 項目經理

  • 聯絡、協調員

  • 客戶經理

  • 業務經理

  • 程序開發員

  • 運營支持人員

  • UX / UI 設計師

  • 企業管理人員

  • 或其他職能團隊成員



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