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Digitaleads Education offers ITIL4, PRINCE2, SCRUM, PMP certification courses

Digitaleads is a new breed of education centre.

Digitaleads is a new breed of education centre who combine latest digital tools with traditional classroom learning experience. We focus on career transformation and specializes in today’s most in-demand skills.

For Students

  • Assist in building skills to advance their career

  • Collaborate and connect them with our knowledge network

  • Help find a job they love

For Companies

  • Provides standard and bespoke courses for their employees

  • Provides Training Consultancy

  • Assist to find candidates to grow their business

Meet The Team

Centre Manager

Programme Director

Marketing Director

Course Administrator

  • How do I pay for my course?
    Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, Alipay, cash, crossed cheques, or bank transfer. Registration will be considered once we acknowledge receipt of completed forms and payment. We also offer assistance to students with financial need, please contact our staff for detail. Faster Payment System (FPS) you can make payment via either: - Phone: 66331279 - Email: For cheque, the name of the beneficiary is: - Digitaleads Education Limited
  • Where do I take the training?
    In light of flexibility and convenience for students, courses will be held in locations in four key districts in Hong Kong, including Central & Western District, Wanchai District, Yau Tsim Mong District and Kwun Tong District. Venues will be announced at least 3 working days before commencement of the course. Bespoke courses can be held at venues mutually agreed by client organisations and Digitaleads.
  • What happens if I cannot attend one of the classes?
    Its ok to miss one of the classes, we can help in 3 ways: 1. Online review of the specific recorded session, available with booking 1 working day beforehand, or recording of the same unit from different classes 2. Reschedule with booking made at least 5 working days beforehand 3. Reseat with booking, which can only be done once within the same course
  • What happens if I book the course and then have to delay or change the course?
    Once your enrolment is confirmed, you can still reschedule to a later course over 30 days before the course date, on an unlimited basis. Between 30 and 1 calendar days of the course date, you still have one chance to reschedule to a later course. For students who wish to retake the course, we offer a one-time reseat. Please contact us for re-enrolment. For rescheduling involving training with confirmed exam booking made within 10 working days, a penalty of 10% of the standard exam fee or HK$200 whichever is more applies.
  • How best can I prepare for the qualifications courses?
    Our Certification oriented courses are designed to help students focus on preparation for designated professional qualifications. Syllabus of chosen courses will be well covered for easy understanding of students. For exams which have sample questions, it is advisory to complete all of them or depends on the advice from the trainer
  • Who can help me during the course when I have some questions/problems?
    Digitaleads offers interactive learning experience that suits your unique progress and depth of study. Our practical, workshop-style classes encourage interaction between students and trainer. Our trainer can be reached by students for guidance through our learning portal.
  • What is the typhoon and severe weather arrangement?
    All events, including classes and examinations, will be cancelled and rescheduled when the following conditions happened at 2 hours prior to the event and within the event period: Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is in force Typhoon Pre-No.8 Special Announcement is issued by Hong Kong Observatory stating Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above will be in force within 2 hours Black rainstorm signal is hoisted Special incidents will be considered case by case (e.g. if there is a fire outbreak in a building nearby) All participants will be informed via email on the reschedule arrangement within the following business day after weather condition returns normal. Participants are advised to follow our Facebook page for latest updates.
  • What are the refund policies? Any administration fee?
    sDigitaleads may cancel or reschedule a class at our discretion, and if we do, will use reasonable efforts to notify you at least one week in advance. You will not be charged for the cancellation or rescheduling. Digitaleads is not liable for travel or accommodation costs incurred by students in the event that Digitaleads cancels or reschedules an class. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes in your schedule class. Cancel and reschedule requests must be received by Digitaleads in email. Or the best is you alert us via WhatsApp followed by email. If you request 7 or more calendar days before the scheduled start date of the class, we will not charge you for rescheduling. For cancellation, we will charge 5% of the course fee as administration fee. If you cancel or reschedule 1-6 days prior to the start date, the administration fee is 30% of the course fee. For other conditions, you will not be qualified for any refund.
  • 我可以怎樣繳付學費?
    在我們的網站,你可以直接用信用咭、PayPal、支付寶來繳交。你亦可以使用銀行過數、轉數快、入賬或親身繳付現金。當我們確定收妥款項,會再確認你的登記。 使用轉數快 (FPS) 你可以轉賬至以下任何一個帳號: - 電話: 66331279 - 電郵: 支票付款, 受款人: - Digitaleads Education Limited
  • 我在何處上課?
    標準課程:為了給學員提供方便,我們的課程可以在不同區別舉行,其中包括東西區、灣仔區、油尖旺及觀塘區,課堂會因應同學需求、房間供應而變改。我們會在不少於三個工作天前確認並通知學員。 定製課程:會在與客戶協商下的地方進行。
  • 假如我不能參與其中一堂?
    少量翹課問題不大,我們為學員提供一下 3種解決方法: 1. 網上觀看課堂錄影,如果學員在課堂日前前一天通知我們,我們盡可能安排錄影。另外就是重看之前的錄影。 2. 如果是包班,而最少五天前通知我們,可以重新安排課堂日前。 3. 補堂,再下一次再開課是補回。
  • 報名之後,假如我要延期或改上其他課程?
    當我們確認你的報讀,在開課 30天前你還可以無限改期。如課程在 30天內,你還可以有一次改動。 如考試前你想再上課重溫,我們可以安排一次重讀。 如課堂有確定的考試日期,而你在10個工作天內提出考試改期,我們會額外收取考試費的 10%或最少港幣200元作為行政費用。
  • 我要怎樣準備,才可以最佳狀態應付考試?
    我們設計的認證課程,會幫助學生專注於準備指定專業資格考試。 課程的教學大綱亦會全面覆蓋考試要求,以便學生理解。 對於有範例問題的考試,我們建議你完成所有題目,或聽取培訓導師的建議。
  • 如果我在課程當中發現問題,我可找誰幫忙?
    Digitaleads 提供互動學習體驗,適合個別學員的進度和學習能力。 我們實用的研討會式課程鼓勵學生和培訓導師之間的互動。 課堂以外,你可以通過我們的學習門戶提出問題,從而獲得我們的培訓導師的指導。
  • 你們的颱風或惡劣天氣安排是怎樣?
    如果在活動(包括課堂和考試)開始前 3小時和在活動期間發生以下情況,所有活動將被取消並重新安排: - 八號或以上颱風信號有效 - 香港天文台發出八號颱風特別預警公告,聲明8號或以上颱風訊號將於2小時內生效 - 黑色暴雨訊號懸掛 其他特殊事件,將根據具體情況考慮(例如,如果附近的建築物發生火災;有大型群組運動) 所有參與者將在天氣狀況恢復正常後的下一個工作日內通過電子郵件通知重新安排。 建議你關注我們的Facebook專頁 並接受最新更新。
  • 你們的退款安排是怎樣? 有手續費嗎?
    Digitaleads 可以自行決定取消或重新安排課程,我們會在合理時間或儘量提前一週通知您。您無需支付取消或重新安排的費用。 如果 Digitaleads 取消或重新安排課程,Digitaleads概不負責學生的旅行或住宿費用。 d 如果您的日程安排課程有任何變化,請盡快通知我們。 Digitaleads 必須透過電子郵件收到取消和重新安排的要求。 你最好是先通過 WhatsApp 通知我們,然後補發電子郵件。 如果您在課程預定開課日期前7個或更多日數,取消課程,我們會向您收取課程費用的 3% 作為手續費。而改期不會收取任何費用。 而如果您在開課日期前1-6天要求取消或改期,手續費為課程費用的 30%。 對於其他情況,我們不會退還任何課程費用。

Classroom Locations

For students, the classroom location and the environment is very important. We will continue to find new and more convenient classrooms around the city. 
Here is the list of classroom locations.

Mong Kok


Chung Kiu Commercial Building, 47-51 Shantung Street,
Mong Kok

Kwun Tong


4th, Hing Yip Street

Kwun Tong


4th, Hing Yip Street

Kwun Tong


4th, Hing Yip Street


Main Office and Classrooms

17/F 80 Gloucester Road

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