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Digital Assisted Classroom Learning


Our goal is to empower every student to achieve more with Digital Assisted Classroom Learning

We understand both classroom learning and online learning have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to effectively empower every student to achieve more, we combine the best of the two worlds. In the classroom, instructors to explain, give real life example, and motivate students. Outside the classroom, digital tools to assist anytime anywhere practicing and studying.


One Size Does Not Fit All

No two students are the same, our trainers will individually assess each student and adjust the pace of the course.

Learn Together and Study Anywhere

All course materials, mock tests, will be made available on our app as course progress. Questions asked during the class or online will be made accessible.


Language Affects Thoughts

We believe students who are taught in the same language spoken are more likely to participate in class, easier to acquire the knowledge, and succeed in the course. All course material will be in English, most classes will be held in Cantonese.

Never Miss a Class

We understand balancing work and study at the same time may be difficult some time. Its ok to miss a class or 2 but we will make sure you didn't miss the knowledge. Video of the class can be accessed on the day.


Digital Tools for Students


Collaborate with the 

Course Portal

During the course, online tools are available for students to submit course assignment, share ideas, collaborate with other students for team assignments.

Students can use their notebook, tablet or smartphones to access the online tools via browsers or dedicated apps.


Communicate with the

Student Portal

Digitaleads provides an online platform for course participants to communicate with Digitaleads staff and trainers, as well as other students and alumni.


Students can do the following in the Student Portal

  • Post questions to Digitaleads trainers, e.g. a technical question.

  • Check latest schedule for courses available for retake.

  • Download course material and other learning resources.

  • Socialize with other students and trainers


Access Materials with the

E-learning Portal

Students can access our E-learning portal for self-paced study. For courses associated with examinations (e.g. PMP, CBAP, ITIL), abundant sample questions are available for students to practice and consolidate their knowledge.

Students have unlimited access to the question database within the first year of their course commencement. They can attempt the mock exams as many times as they like.

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