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ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition


ITIL® 4 專業管理人員證書課程

ITIL® 4 專業管理人員證書課程


The Managing Professional (MP) stream provides practical and technical knowledge about how to run successful IT and digitally-enabled services, teams and workflows.

In order to achieve the ITIL 4 MP designation, professionals must be certified in ITIL 4 Foundation and all of the following four modules listed below.


ITIL 4 專業管理人員課程提供專業及實用知識,令學員能成功管理資訊科技及數碼化的服務、團隊及工作流程。

要獲取此證書,學員必須獲得 ITIL 4 Foundation 及以下所有證書。

  • ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support (CDS)

  • ITIL 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV)

  • ITIL 4 Specialist: High-velocity IT (HVIT)

  • ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI)

ITIL 4 Certification Structure
ITIL 4 Certification Structure

Modules Overview

To get a basic understanding of each module and what they provide, you can refer to the diagrams below:



ITIL 4 專業管理人員證書課程
What are the MP Modules?

ITIL® 4 專業管理人員證書課程
What each module achieves?

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Programme

This programme offers a "fast pass" to for ITIL 3 Expert holders or those who has accumulated 17 or above credits to bridge to the new ITIL 4 MPT certification. The 4-days course ends with a 40 questions multiple choice close book exam.

ITIL 4 專業管理過渡課程

這課程給現有 ITIL 3 Expert 或是在ITIL 3 考試之中,已累積 17分或以上的人,一個特快通道去考取一張第四版的高級證書。

Key Features

  • Instructor-led training

  • Course delivered by qualified instructor

  • Course material in digital format

  • Exam samples online quiz

  • Mock exam

  • Pre-exam Q&A

  • Digitaleads is an Accredited Training Office under Axelos, all course material are reviewed and aligned to the standard syllabus.

  • ITIL v4 Managing Professional Transition Certificate (eCert)


  • 講師指導的培訓

  • 課程由合格的講師提供

  • 數字格式的課程材料

  • 考試樣本在線測驗

  • 模擬考試

  • 考試前的問答

  • Digitaleads是 Axelos 認證培訓辦公室,所有課程材料均經過審核並與標準課程大綱保持一致。

  • ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition 證書(網上e證書)

Admission Prerequisite

  • owns the ITIL Expert V3 certificate; or

  • accumulated over 17 credits in the ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme.


  • 擁有 ITIL 3 Expert 證書; 或

  • 在 ITIL 3 專業資格考試中,獲取最少 17 學分。

Note: Digitaleads is accrediting other modules like CDS, DSV etc for ITIL professionals who only have ITIL 4 Foundation, please follow this site our Facebook page for latest updates.

注意:Digitaleads 正在引入其他模組,方便只有 ITIL 4 Foundation 的專業人員報讀,請留意此網站或我們的面書專頁的更新。

報讀ITIL® 4 專業管理人員證書課程



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