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PMP Exam Preparation


PMP 考試 1Take 過


The PMP® certification is the most recognized credential for project managers worldwide, opening the door to better job opportunities and higher salaries. Prepare to ace the PMP® exam, become a well sought after project management professional and advance your project management career with this course.

PMP Exam Preparation helps project managers to pass PMP exam by describing all the important information in PMBOK, including the creation of project management documentations, the techniques and tools to plan and control project, prevent risks and resolve problems. All processes under the 10 knowledge areas in PMBOK will be covered, with related tools and techniques. Participants will gain a good understanding of how the collaborative processes and tools will help them during the different stages of a project.

Sample exam questions will be used throughout the course to elaborate the PMBOK concepts, and at the same time, let exam candidates familiarize the tricks and traps of the PMP exam.



PMP 考試 1Take 過 通過講解 PMBOK 中的重要資訊,包括創建項目管理文檔,計劃和控制項目的技術和工具,預防風險和解決問題,從而幫助學員通過 PMP 考試。課程介紹 PMBOK 中10個知識領域下的所有流程,以及相關工具和技術。學員將很好地理解協作過程和工具如何在項目的不同階段幫助他們。

課程會使用樣本考試題目來詳細闡述 PMBOK 概念,同時讓考生熟悉 PMP 考試的技巧和陷阱。

Objectives and Benefits

  • Recognise the requirements and application process for the PMP® certification

  • Understanding the principles and practices of project management

  • Acquire knowledge and skills required of an effective and efficient project manager

  • Learn new project management tools and techniques

  • Application of the tools and techniques through workshops and discussions

  • Familiarise with latest cloud solutions used in project management


  • 了解 PMP® 認證的要求和申報考試流程

  • 了解項目管理的原則和實踐

  • 獲得有效和高效的項目經理所需的知識和技能

  • 學習新的項目管理工具和技術

  • 通過討論學會應用管理工具和技術

  • 熟悉項目管理中使用的最新雲端工具

Key Features

  • 35-hours instructor-led training

  • In 5 full-days, 7-hour each

  • Course delivered by qualified instructor

  • Course material in digital format

  • Sample papers and mock exams

  • Deliver in Cantonese or English for better understanding


  • 35小時講師指導培訓

  • 在5個完整日,每個7小時

  • 課程由合格的講師提供

  • 數字格式的課程材料

  • 樣本文件和模擬考試

  • 提供粵語或英語方便學員理解

Well Suited for

  • Anyone preparing for PMP® certification

  • Project Managers

  • Project Coordinators

  • Account Executives

  • Business Owners

  • Team Leaders

  • Consultants


  • 任何預備考取 PMP® 認證的人

  • 項目經理

  • 項目協調員

  • 客戶經理

  • 企業主

  • 團隊領導者

  • 顧問




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