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ITIL® 4 Foundation

Updated: May 25, 2022

ITIL® 4 基礎證書課程

ITIL has become the basic knowledge of all IT employees some corporations manage 100 percent staff are ITIL accredited ITIL 已經成為 IT 從業員的基本知識 很多公司會維持所以僱員都持有 ITIL 認證
ITIL has become the basic knowledge of all IT employees some corporations manage 100 percent staff are ITIL accredited. ITIL 已經成為 IT 從業員的基本知識 很多公司會維持所有IT僱員都持有 ITIL 認證


IT services become the utility of all business. Successful businesses require a stable infrastructure plus applications that meet business and customer requirements. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines service management good practices which includes various concepts, principles and know-hows that shape organizations from planning, engaging with stakeholders, designing, building services, to delivering and supporting the services. Continual improving is another aspect that ITIL strives for.


IT服務成為所有業務的實用工具。 成功的企業需要穩定的基礎設施以及滿足業務和客戶要求的應用。 信息技術基礎設施庫(ITIL)定義了服務管理良好實踐,其中包括各種概念,原則和知識,使組織從規劃,與利益相關者合作,設計,構建服務,交付和支持服務。 持續改進是ITIL努力的另一個方面。

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Courses - Learn offline & online

ITIL Foundation is designed for anyone wants a basic understanding of how IT services should be managed. From fresh graduates, people in support and operations roles, project team members, business representatives, and up to senior management should find value from the course.

Participants build up their appropriate skill sets through understanding the key ITIL processes and their related concepts and techniques. At the end of the course, the participants will sit for the ITIL Foundation Certification examination. Successful participants will receive a certificate issued by an Axelos authorized examination institute.

ITIL Foundation旨在讓任何人都希望基本了解如何管理IT服務。從應屆畢業生,支持和運營角色,項目團隊成員,業務代表和高級管理人員應該從課程中找到價值。


Objectives and Benefits

  • Learn the ITIL’s universal and enduring principles which guides an organization in all circumstances

  • Understand the Service Value System which defines how all the components and activities of the organization work together as a system to enable value creation

  • Learn the four dimensions which support a holistic approach to service management

  • Understand how ITIL defines activities into a Service Value Chain which create values.

  • Learn the key ITIL practices to improve the capabilities and resources of the organization


  • 了解ITIL在所有情況下指導組織的普遍和持久原則

  • 了解服務價值系統,該系統定義組織的所有組件和活動如何作為一個系統協同工作以實現價值創造

  • 了解支持整體服務管理方法的四個維度

  • 了解ITIL如何將活動定義為創建價值的服務價值鏈。

  • 了解關鍵的ITIL實踐,以改善組織的功能和資源

Key Features

  • Instructor-led training

  • Course delivered by qualified instructor

  • Course material in digital format

  • Exam samples online quiz

  • Mock exam

  • Pre-exam Q&A

  • Digitaleads is an Accredited Training Office under Axelos, all course material are reviewed and aligned to the standard syllabus.

  • ITIL v4 Foundation Certificate (eCert)


  • 講師指導的培訓

  • 課程由合格的講師提供

  • 數字格式的課程材料

  • 考試樣本在線測驗

  • 模擬考試

  • 考試前的問答

  • Digitaleads是 Axelos 認證培訓辦公室,所有課程材料均經過審核並與標準課程大綱保持一致。

  • ITIL v4 基礎證書(網上e證書)

Well Suited for

People who will benefit most from the program includes:

  • All IT Services Staff

  • System Architects/Analysts

  • Project Managers & team members

  • Business Managers

  • Senior Management


  • 所有IT服務人員

  • 系統架構師/分析師

  • 項目經理和團隊成員

  • 業務經理

  • 高級管理人員

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