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Service Design Workshop

Updated: May 25, 2022


Generate hundred new ideas in 4 hours - Service Design

Services Design use Design Thinking: an innovative thinking model that initiate from user needs, then funnel through a systematic process with multi-angle analysis to generate viable solutions. It is widely used in different industries such as business, engineering, medicine, education, banking, insurance, hotels, retail, tourism, etc., to inspire the organizations to create new services or solve existing problems. The outcomes are better user experience and better business returns.

4小時激發出100個嶄新意念 - 創新服務


Objectives and Benefits

Innovative services are taught by professional teachers and conducted in small groups. Through discussion, teamwork, interaction and sharing, you can fully understand the design thinking process, break through the blind spots, and help you to inspire new services that are infinitely new, easy to implement, and have high success rates in the shortest time.

1. The multi-faceted thinking of the collection team is applied to different related fields of the company.

2. Break through the thinking framework, draw inspiration through different professional perspectives and tools, combine the needs of users, the feasibility of technology, and practice various feasibility.

3. Explore transformative technologies and solutions to determine how to make innovative strategies to adapt to new business (such as entrepreneurship) or existing models.



1. 集合團隊多方面的思維,應用於公司不同的相關領域。

2. 突破思考框架,透過不同的專業角度和工具擷取靈感,結合用家的需求、科技的可行性,實踐各種可行性。

3. 探索變革性的技術及方案,確定如何作出創新戰略適應新的業務(如創業) 或現有的模式。

Workshop Outline

1. What is design thinking?

2. Entrepreneurial success stories using design thinking

3. How to use design thinking to achieve innovative services?

4. Brainstorming and understanding the problems you encounter in your journey of innovation

5. Brainstorm and develop a new service strategy that is right for you.

6. Teamwork to design new experiences or services



2. 運用設計思維的創業成功案例

3. 如何運用設計思維做到創新服務?

4. 腦力激盪,認識您的創新之旅中所遇到的問題

5. 集思廣益,擬定適合您的新服務策略

6. 團隊合作,設計嶄新的體驗或服務

Advanced course

Innovation Series - Advanced Thinking in Design Thinking

(Students attending the workshop can enroll in the course at a discounted price)


創新系列 - 設計思維進階課程


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